Yoga Alliance International Spain

Welcome to YAI Spain, a Division of Yoga Alliance International. 

YAI is an organization devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga traditions througout the world. 


Yoga Alliance International is a world renowned Yoga Organization recognised by and registered with the government of India founded by Sri Swami Vidyanand in order to create minimum standard for Yoga teachers and schools, as well as support continuing yoga education. Since our formation, we have emphasised mutual respect, sensitivity and support of different yoga styles and traditions. Teachers who meet our standards are eligible to register as Certified Yoga Teachers and are authorised to use the initials "CYT" (Certified Yoga Teachers) after their name. We issue logos for enrolled teachers to use in their resumes, advertising and business endeavors. YAI Spain also maintains a Registry of Yoga Schools to recognise Yoga Teacher Training programs that meet our 200-Hour and 500-Hour standards. A school whose curriculum fulfills our minimum training standards may apply to register as a Certified Yoga School. Once a school is registered, all graduates will receive a YAI certification upon course completion.

Yoga Alliance International is an organization created to unite the world-wide community of yogic minded people and institutions, regardless of affiliation or tradition. It is also an international registrar of programs and yoga instructors and a training center. At the moment more than 80 directors (YAI Ambassadors) and regional/continental representatives of the Alliance operate in various countries throughout the world. 


Create a network of Yogic minded people around the world, regardless of affiliation or tradition.

Provide a platform to support an international community of yoga instructors. 

Encourage research and innovation by applying yoga techniques to the complex problems faced in modern society.

Yoga Alliance International Spain